Let’s talk about SHAPES, Baby!


I started my journey this week with the intention to find and read about some new mathematical strategies for my classroom.  Immediately the works “Talking to your Kids about Math” (forgive the absence of a hyperlink – I am still trying to figure this out!) popped off the page.

Ways to help parents talk to their kids about math?  PERFECT!

But in my browsing, possibly because all I have right now is a 2D list of names and I struggling to wrap my hands around what exactly I need to prepare for, my teacher hat slipped off and my momma apron tied snugly around my waist.  The blog had different age groups for mathematical conversations, and, as my biggest little boy will be turning two in just TEN DAYS, I was interested to see what was there for me.

The video focused on talking with daughters about math, but it still made me think, “What conversations do I hold with Miles about mathematical concepts?”

Turns out, this boy is IN LOVE with shapes!  He can find an outline of a circle nearly anywhere, it’s amazing.  He loves pointing out stars and squares, and while oral counting to 3 is still difficult, he sure can identify an octagon!

And then it made me think, I’m a parent and my confidence in speaking to my toddler about math is shaky, and I do this for a living!  What a wonderful resource for me and my fellow parents!

I promise when I have a classroom full of 6 years that the stories revolving around my boys will be fewer… Maybe!  But I feel doubled excited to research all kinds of digital resources, all dressed up with my teacher hat AND mommy apron!  Let’s get started!



  1. rrelemmath · August 18, 2015

    I’m so excited you found Talking Math With Your Kids. I have learned a lot from Christopher Danielson over the past few years. If you have 5 minutes, you should watch his Ignite Talk about children thinking mathematically. Good stuff!

    I look forward to hearing more about your own conversations with your students and your own children! 🙂


  2. Tina C. · August 18, 2015

    How fascinating that Miles can identify different shapes before he can recite the number words! Could he count by shape? One, two, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon…


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