I often watch my baby boy experience the world around him as if he was a TV show.  Everything is strange and fascinating and beautiful.


…I think he mostly thinks everything is edible.  

But to him, everything is interesting.  Toes, water spills, cheeks; he could study and feel and wonder forever.

This past week I was introduced to “I noticed/I wonder…” By Annie Fetter – and I was incredibly excited to try it.  Six year olds love to ask questions, they wonder about everything!  Harnessing that natural response could be a powerful tool for engaging my students in mathematical conversations.

So, I dove straight in.

I posted a picture.  A simple picture.  

Luckily, I had asked a co-teacher to help with the scripting, because they were ready to tell me everything they noticed.  Hands were raised all over the room.  I didn’t need to encourage participation, they were ALL IN.

When we moved to the wonders, the conversations became even more natural. A lot of them were wondering where the people were. Were they inside? So, after the wonders were all wondered aloud, we talked about the people.  

If each house had 1 person inside, how many people are there?  How do you know?

If the bottom houses all had 2 people inside except the last one, how many people are  there?  Can you tell me how you counted?

What if some of the house are empty?   Which ones?  


10 minutes.  

I am sure I did not do justice to this awesome process to get kids thinking, but I know it’s something EVERYONE is excited to try again.  It simple, natural, engaging, and fun.  I definitely will be read everything I can on this one.

I wonder what it will look like next time…